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Coffee machine water purifier

TITLE Water Purifier for coffee machine AM-101











The beans are great…then why doesn’t my coffee taste good?

The answer is in the water!

Water is what makes 98% of coffee!

The Arisaem water purifier.

Its 4-step filter removes debris, residual chlorine, etc.,

Mineralizes the water,

And applied sterilization filter technology enhances the anti-bacterial function

The secret to taste up your coffee to the next level.


 antibacterial sterilizing effect and generating antioxidant substances
  Cooking water purifier for home use

Hydrogen reduced water generators that require no power, which have a 2-big water purification filter structure with multi-use complex functions (3 functions in 1 filter)

In addition to their impurities and residual chlorine removal function and water purification function with strengthened sterilizing power, the purifiers provide “hydrogen reduced water” that generates antioxidant substances (SOD-Superoxide Dismutase) as the oxidizing power of water is changed into reducing power with the increase of minerals and generation of hydrogen.

The filters manufactured of environment-friendly materials with natural ores increase minerals and pH.
With the generation of hydrogen and antioxidant substances, the purifiers provide reduced water beneficial to your body.
① In case of drinking → free oxygen radicals (O₂¯) in the body are removed due to the strengthened antioxidant function
② In case of cooking → the freshness of food is maintained continuously by the inhibition action of oxidization


Use hydrogen reduced water rich in minerals for drinking water and cooking water!!
Use hydrogen reduced water rich in minerals for drinking water and cooking water!!
Check the nutrition and taste after cooking rice, soup or jjigae with alkaline reduced water.
Check the freshness of fish or meat after washing it with hydrogen reduced water and then keeping it for a while.
Check tofu, vegetable or fruit after soaking it in or washing it with hydrogen reduced water and then keeping it for a while.