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Technically certified HYDROGEN365

Through differentiated technology and continuous research and development,
We achieve best technology recognition as having the water related patents and certifications.

HYDROGEN365 as a specialized bio company of hydrogen water maker and in material industry is
aiming for world best company having the top-notched competitiveness in 21st century by constant innovation,
quality improvement activity and rational quality control system.

Patent registration

  • Patent registration No. 10-0646050 - Active carbon compound that discharges far infra-red rays and rotational electromagnetic waves
  • Patent registration No. 10-0887888 - Alkaline reduced water generating device
  • Patent registration No. 10-1182347 - Ceramic membrane filter and ceramic balls
  • Patent registration No. 10-0894517 - Alkaline water producing device
  • Patent registration No. 10-0939586 - Alkali reduction water purification filter and alkali reduction water purifier
  • Patent registration No. 10-1386149 - Water purification system generating reduced water for seawater desalination
  • Patent registration No. 10-1679790 - Antibacterial and hydrogen water generating device for water purifiers
  • Patent registration No. 10-0846882 - Self-purification water ball
  • Patent application No. 10-2017-63565-Manufacture method of block-type antibacterial filter and round antibacterial ball

Trademark Registration

  • Utility model registration No. 0353910 - Self-purification water bottle
  • Utility model registration No. 0384534 - Filter structure for water purifiers
  • Utility model registration No. 0250053 - Water bottle
  • Design registration No. 0371930 - Case for ceramic balls
  • Design registration No. 30-0680556 - Head for water purifying filters
  • Design registration No. 30-0725166 - Water purifier for business use
  • Trademark registration number 0626335 : Registered 2 trademark
  • Trademark registration number 2012.08.27 : Large capacity water purifier
  • Manufacturing license number of medical devices : 2350 (KFDA)
  • Certification number of good manufacturing practice (GMP) : KETI-AB-090117
  • Manufacturing license of water purifiers
  • ISO Certification : ISO 9001 / ISO 14001
  • Venture enterprise certificate
  • Responsible enterprise

    We make our commitment to our customers a priority, and strive to provide quality services and become a competitive enterprise.

  • Continuous social contribution activities

    It also makes the world beautiful and warm.

  • Growing Company

    As an eco-friendly bio company leading the present and future of water, we are accomplishing technological innovation through various researches.

Research and Development

Dr. Thomas Park

Inviting Dr. Thomas Park as research director, we keep developing the property change of materials, which is good to health. He announced the importance of good water that sick cells, which is the main cause of incurable disease can be cured from good water. We lead for development of new product through the research about various water's roles and functions and the water's property changes by natural ores.
  • Graduated from Seoul National University, Medical college / Doctor's degree in New York graduate university
  • Professor of USA Albert Einstein Medical College/ Currently Director of Medical research of Medical Foundation