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Large capacity water purifier

TITLE Large Capacity Water Purifier GM-505










Model GM-505
Cooking water for prevention of food poisoning
Registered invention patent

Alkali(Hydrogen) Reduction water Generation filter
Antibacterial and Sterilization Block filter and Ceramic

Approval & Certificate

Approval and permission of Antibacterial water purifier

 Registered at Korea Public Procurement Agency


GM-505 is the country’s first antibacterial water purification system to prevent waterborne diseases or food poisoning due to bacteria. Completely different from the method to artificially generate hypochlorous acid (HOCL), ozone (O₃), hudrogen peroxide (H₂O₂) and so on, it was developed, after lengthy study, to have antibacterial sterilizing power by pure eco-friendly materials alone. It is an antibacterial water purification system certified by the 1) invention patent, 2) tests based on the drinking water quality standards and antibacterial sterilizing test by the authorized testing agency Korea Environment Water Works Institute, 3) permission as a water purifier and 4) registration of the product with Public Procurement Service of Korea.

The product has momentary sterilizing power as it was developed to have a 3-stage antibacterial structure and it also was designed for unlimited supply of safe cooking and sanitary water.

In particular, water purified through the antibacterial water purification system has momentary sterilizing power due to the change of physical properties of the water in which germs cannot exist while the system provides magnetized sanitary water beneficial to health by the activation effect to the human body.

Characteristics of Return GM-505 system
1st stage: sterilizing effect and energy (ㄫ-RAY) action by strong ultraviolet (UV) rays

2nd stage: antibacterial sterilizing filter having strengthened momentary sterilizing power and continuous antibacterial performance (invention patent registered)

3rd stage: surfactant action and antibacterial water generating function by the energy amplifier using N-pole magnetism


Functional features of the 1st stage
<Ultraviolet (UV) lamp>

The UV lamp that generates ultraviolet rays kills 99.9% of bacteria instantaneously by the strong sterilizing power.

In other words, the ultraviolet lamp has strong fluorescent (ㄫ-RAY) effects to destroy microbes by generating electromagnetic waves of high energy. Therefore, the Return Q antibacterial water purification system (GM-5050) also was devised to have the 1st stage sterilizing power by installing the UV lamp which generates ultraviolet rays in the vacuum running water pipe in order to increase antibacterial sterilizing power like UV lamps are used in sterilizers, hygienic appliances and medical supplies utilizing ultraviolet rays.


Functional features of the 2nd stage
<Antibacterial sterilizing block filter>

The antibacterial sterilizing block filter, which is manufactured by the mixing and forming technology of materials based on the invention patent, was developed for the first time as a block-type filter having a strengthened antibacterial sterilizing function by the mixture of antibacterial metallic ores with a high level of energy conductivity and those with strong oxidative inhibition and catalytic power.

The filter has been proven to be safe and 100% effective through water passing and precipitation tests by the authorized testing agency Korea Environment Water Works Institute. Antibacterial water passing through the Return Q GM-505 antibacterial water purification system equipped with the qualified antibacterial sterilizing filter is provided not only for management of food materials and cooking but also for hygienic drinking.


Functional features of the 3rd stage

<Magnetizing amplification unit>
When water passes through a strong magnetic unit, energy is amplified to the water by magnetism and water molecules are arranged into a dense state, which causes the change of physical properties to magnetized water mixed with functions of purification, dissolution, penetration and sterilization.

For example, in water that flows between the N-poles a resonance phenomenon (wavelength and wave motion) is caused by magnetic energy and consequently the line width increases, which makes the surface tension decrease.

Accordingly, due to strengthened surface activity, it makes it possible to manage washing of food materials and to provide hygienic cooking water. Also, the performance of water changed with the magnetic energy has the feature of preserving the sustaining power of the function.