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Large capacity water purifier

TITLE Large Capacity Water Purifier GM-305












GM- 304/305/306


  • Return-Q 304 is a water purification system that generates alkaline reduced water beneficial for the body as it changes the oxidizing power of water into reducing power (ORP → Oxidation Reduction Potential) with the increase of minerals.
  • Return-Q 304 that generates a large amount of hydrogen reduced water for drinking and cooking is hygienic because of the strong antibacterial activity.


A new concept large-capacity reduction water purification system developed for the first time in the country. With the system, reduced water can be used for drinking and for cooking at the same time!!

Return-Q leading the cooking culture-generating water having strong antibacterial activity where bacteria and fungi cannot inhibit

1) Return-Q 304 is a large-capacity reduction water purification system for supplying alkaline reduced water to universities and public research institutes that need alkaline reduced water including the food and pharmaceutical fields and processing fields for their useful application.

2) We have developed the filter for generating inorganic minerals to ultrapure water (without minerals) produced by seawater desalination and for supplying weak alkaline reduced water having strengthened antioxidant power.

3) We are making efforts to research and development to restraint the occurrence of various kinds of water-borne diseases, skin and gum diseases caused due to the lack of minerals and antioxidant substances and thereby to make safe sailing recovered.

4) We are strengthening research and development to supply safe water for living and alkaline reduced water beneficial for the body with the generation of minerals from ultrapure water obtained by seawater desalination spread throughout the world as a means to solve the lack of water.


Return-Q reduction water purification filter

Return-Q 304 reduction water purification filter

  • 1st stage : Carton block filter (4 functions combined in 1 filter)
  • 2nd stage : Reduction block filter (4 functions combined in 1 filter)
  • 3rd stage : Antibacterial block filter (4 functions combined in 1 filter)

The Return-Q filter structure has 4 stage functions combined in one filter.
3 invention patents registered for the filter and materials /
1 invention patent registered for the reduced water generating device /
1 patent applied for the sea water desalination reduction water purification system/
1 design patent applied


◎ Research and development :

We started research and development of a filter to raise alkalinity with the increase of inorganic minerals, strengthen reducing power (ORP) and increase antioxidant substances (SOD) with ultrapure water by seawater desalination.



Large capacity reduction water purifiers

Return Q 304/305/306 Product Specifications

Product name Large capacity water purification system
Model name Return Q 304/305/306
Product size 50㎝×23㎝×110㎝
Material Stainless steel 304-27
Product composition Water purification system
Water purifying capacity 70 ton ∼ 100 ton
Filter life 6 months