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Household water purifier

TITLE Natural Filtrating Water Purifier E-1000




Natural natural filtration mineral water purifier AriSaem AM-E1000



1.Being designed for simple setting-up, anyone can easily do, No special in-struments or skills required.
2.The "Energy stone" Natural vital wave water purifier is very excellent in purify water, because its water purifying system natural filtering.
No special A/S needed.
3.Having small 이ze and light weight, it can be easily handled.
4.The "Energy stone’’ Natural vital wave water purifier is very economical as the purifier itself is low-priced and so is its filter.
5.Replacing of filter is very easy, and it will never go wrong in any part, and it will be semi-permanent in use.



Natural vital wave water purification system
Energy stone water purifier and pot restoring the taste of clean and fresh water of nature Energy stone reduction water purifier only for domestic and foreign customers who prefer natural filtration methods Water beneficial for our body. The Wave water purifier's "complex filter"' and "’ceramic ion stick" make water beneficial for your body. The filter made with a combination of activated carbon is a filter having the function of adsorbing and removing chlorine ingredients (trihalomethane) and impurities The ceramic balls having an excellent reduction rate of various kinds of microbes (colon bacilli and staphylococci) and deodorizing power (removal of odors) of 99% make it easy to store water for a long time and maintain the freshness. Clean and pure water flowing out through the ’’Ceramic reduction stick" becomes weak alkaline reduced water that heightens the feeling of refreshment



Water purification function by stage

1st stage : Ceramic Filter
The ceramic filter composed of highly compressed diatomic ceramic substances is very solid, heat-resistant and durable with its 0.2-micron pores. As fine floating matter, germs and bacteria mixed in water cannot pass through it, water is safe against harmful substances.
It also filters lime and removes floating substances or particulate foreign substances that are invisible to human sight. Because filtration is done on the surface, the ceramic filter gets dirty changing to brown as rust or foreign substances are adsorbed gradually during use.
When it has been discolored severely, it becomes clean as the filter is worn out slightly, if you wash it with sponge or soft cloth putting it in water.


2nd stage: High-performance natural mineral filter
It is the most important filter of the purifier that is composed of natural mineral materials such as gelite. Energy Stone, activated carbon, zeolite, anions and alkali ceramics.



Zeolite ceramic ball (1 ~ 1.7mm)
Anion ceramic ball (1 ~ 1.7mm)
Gelite mineral ceramic ball
Alkali ceramic ball (3mm)

3rd stage : Natural mineral alkali ball
It is widely known that alkaline reduced water (ARW) made by using mineral stones has a great influence on immune function, blood sugar, cholesterol and neutral fats along with effects of preventing cancer, restraining the spread of cancer and antioxidation (Various effects of mineral alkaline water examined through animal testing:
Paper written by Prof. Kim H. Won ofYonsei University College of Medicine).

4th stage : Energy Stone
It increases the dissolved oxygen content as the water molecule groups are subdivided
by getting wave energy transferred over water and also makes the absorption of nutrients
and the discharge of waste fast.
It redoubles the reducing process of alkaline reduced water.
It delivers wave energy that increases immunity and self-healing power by increasing muscular strength, balance and flexibility of the body

5th stage : Magnetic filter
The magnet the strength of which is more than 2000 Gauss that is built in the magnetic filter which water passes through last makes water into magnetized hexagonal water and discharges it.

< Product Detail >

Size : 300Φ * 545mm
Weigth : 1kg
Meterial : ABS / AS
Water purification capacity : 2L ~2.5L
Filter cycle : Fine filteration Filter ( Permanent use ), 5-Stage Water Purification Filter (1 year), Alkali reduction ( 1 year)