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Portable bottle

TITLE Portable mineral reduction bottle AR-200

Premium Portable Hydrogen Production Bottle

Model : AR-200
Capacity : 600ml
Dimension : 67 x 67 x 248(mm)
Weight : 240g
Package Listing : 8 types of minerals, ceramic balls, Tritan water bottle

alkaline hydrogen-rich water generation
Can be used for tea/ coffee, and cooking
Pour drinkable water into the bottle, and after 5~ 15 minutes, alkaline hydrogen-rich water will be generated

Alkaline Hydrogen-Rich Water Go for Arisaem water!
8 types of minerals AR-200

Special benefits of AriSaem Water
• Uses Tritan material without fear of hormone disrupters
• Multi-function filter made with 8 types of minerals
• Reduces the size of water clusters to smaller one, which makes the taste of water softer
• Nationally accredited certification, and FDA test reports

Nationally accredited certification, and FDA test reports

No electricity materials used
Anyone can drink without worrying about safety, as it is made of minerals Soft water flavor!

Arisaem hydrogen water generating balls Minerals are created using a blend of 8 minerals
 - Germanium
 - Magnesium balls (MG)
 - Energy stone balls
 - Ceramic balls
 - Zeolite balls
 - Alkali balls
 - Tourmaline balls
 - Sterilization balls

Unique Technology
The reason why "AriSaem" hydrogen water bottle is different than others?

Amazing Functions
• The result of brewing green tea leaves at room temperature
• Onion growth speed comparison under the same conditions

Wash the bottle if you are in these situations.
Please refer to the following occasions for cleaning the bottle for quality water.
• When opening the bottle for the first time
• 7 days into use
• When you have detected white flakes or particles

How to Wash
You need to cleanse the bottle regularly to drink normal hydrogen water.

1. Fill the bottle with water
Add water enough to simmer the hydrogen generation filter in the bottle.
2. Cleanse the bottle with the designated detergent
Add vinegar(3~4 tbsp.) or citric acid (1~2 tsp.)
3. Shake well and cleanse
Give it a good shake for a minute and cleanse.
4. Rinse with clean water
And remove the used water and add new water and rinse about 5~ 6 times
5. Cleanse the bottle after separating it in 3 pieces
Rinse the bottle multiple times after separating it in 3 pieces
6. Filter cleansing
Cleanse the filter by giving it a good shake